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Mike Spencer is a Vietnam War-era veteran who served in the US Army from 1967 to 1969. He started as a Private E1 and eventually worked his way to a Specialist E5. Mr. Spencer grew up in New Richmond, Indiana as the son of a World War 2 veteran. He dropped out of college and enlisted into the Army in September of 1966 and began active duty in 1967. Mr. Spencer spent two months at Fort Campbell, Kentucky for basic training before moving to Fort Monmouth, New Jersey for Advanced Individual Training in Digital Communication, which lasted for nine months. In 1967, Mr. Spencer was deployed to Munich, Germany, where he tested microwave circuits before being transferred to Mannheim, Germany, where he taught NATO forces how to operate new security technology. Mr. Spencer exited the military on December 19, 1969. He was discharged a total of three times: first, from his unit, then from the Army, and after being in a control group for two years and eight months, he was finally officially discharged from the military. After returning from the service, Mr. Spencer was employed as a telephone installer, splicer, and an office worker. He also became very active in veteran's assistance. Currently, Mr. Spencer resides in Crawfordsville, Indiana, where he leads the Crawfordsville Veterans Association. This was Mr. Spencer's first time being interviewed about his service, and he was very excited to have the opportunity to share his unique experience with us!


Zach Ostrowski and Ben Handley


Wabash College


April 4th, 2020

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Mike Spencer
A recent photo of Mike Spencer, 2020

Mike Spencer Teaching, 1969
Mike Spencer preparing for a class. Rank insignia on arm is Sp/5 which means Specialist 5. This is equivalent to a Sergeant E-5.

Mike Spencer In Germany, 1969
Mike Spencer instructing a class in Mannheim, West Germany.

Mike Spencer In the Color Guard
Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Mike talks about how his father did not cry.

Mike recounts how people treated soldiers and veterans when they returned home.

Mike talks about his friends from the service.

Mike remembers when his friends gave his father proper military honors.

Mike describes how WWII veterans viewed Vietnam veterans.
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