Gary Bell Interview Clip #2

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Gary Bell Interview Clip #2


The Good Things in Basic Training.


Gary Bell recounts basic training.


Drew Delor and Corbin Landrum


Wabash College


April 2nd, 2020

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Drew: What kinds of things about basic training did you enjoy?

Gary: I enjoyed classes on firefighting and history of the Navy, was a big class, I loved that class. I was really psyched into it then you know? But we had all kinds of training we had to learn how to do radios, how to talk on radios back and forth. What to say and what not to say and about all the classroom things we had was military oriented and it was I enjoyed the classes. By the way our company won the academic award to so ... [laughs] ... that was fun there they had different companies in this, you had a sister company you went through with, and they had a band company which Richard Nixon’s nephew was in that band company, and you talk about guys who got it easy through bootcamp, it paid to have your, was your president or later become president, he wasn’t president at that time. But it was, I enjoyed the classroom stuff, because you learned all kinds of military things, you learned how to lay out of holes, and how to lay our rope, and how to tie knots. And everything was different than what I was used to, which was a big change.

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Drew Delor and Corbin Landrum, Gary Bell Interview Clip #2, Wabash College, April 2nd, 2020

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