Gary Bell Interview Clip #5

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Gary Bell Interview Clip #5


Gary's Experience with Protests


Gary talks about when he came home and was confronted with protesters.


Drew Delor and Corbin Landrum


Wabash College


April 2nd, 2020

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Gary: We had to get our orders and things and so me and some buddies that were from the same company, we were going to ride a bus and get to the airport and got our tickets home and then we would go get breakfast while we were waiting for our flights. Well we got to the airport and of course all the protesters were there. You’re talking ‘69, May of ‘69 and

Corbin: It was starting to ramp up.

Gary: and it was bitter because you know I loved my country and I served my country and to be called “baby killer” and all that crap. That was a stab in the heart. But we went to the bus line and they said “What airline you want?” and I said, “first one you come to” and we pulled up to TWA and I said, "How soon are you going to Indianapolis?” and he said, “We’re boarding now.” and I turned around to my buddies and said “See you guys later, I’m gone.” and got on that airplane. A lot of guys said they were going to go to the bathroom and change into civilian clothes because they didn’t want to have to hang around that airport with their uniforms on you know? But I was able to get a flight out of there right away, so I didn’t change. I got on that plane. We stopped in St. Louis and stayed on the plane and then came to Indianapolis. We were cook airport at the time, the old airport it was nice seeing that. Back in Indiana. Didn’t think I would ever make it back there. But When I got to that airport there wasn’t a lot of protesters. There were a few people with signs but nothing major.

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Drew Delor and Corbin Landrum, Gary Bell Interview Clip #5, Wabash College, April 2nd, 2020

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